Q & A about Pick My Agent™

October 21, 2015

Your listing agent will include the following language in the listing agreement:

“ The stated commission dollar amount will be reduced by .0625 percent representing a commission credit to the seller.”

First, your agent will include the following language in the offer to purchase:

“ This offer is subject to the contract purchase price being adjusted downward after the final price is negotiated by .00375 percent to provide a price adjustment credit to the buyer at closing. This contingency will be satisfied with the inclusion of the following language in an accepted contract, “ The Seller, listing agent and listing broker agree to adjust the total commission amount down by .0625 percent to ensure seller’s proceeds will be identical to the selling price adjustment. ”  The listing agent amends the listing contract to allow the home seller to agree to adjust the sale price to satisfy this contract language.

Yes, the Referral Credit™ works in both instances. Dear Monty may recommend engaging a different agent for the home purchase depending on the location of the new home.

It takes between three and seven days. The process is labor-intensive; first, we identify candidates, then conduct our screening activities, then select three finalists. Market activity, agent caseload, the price range, holidays and other unforeseeable circumstances can impact the length of time it takes to identify agents that qualify.

As a seller, we recommend you meet with each agent. Dear Monty’s experience has demonstrated the agents will likely have different price ranges and recommendations. You make the decision on which agent to choose after you have engaged them and they have provided you with their pricing and marketing recommendations.

As a buyer, we recommend a similar approach to you as we do a seller. A face-to-face meeting allows you to interact, ask impromptu questions and observe each of them first hand. You can expand on the answers to their questionnaire or ask new questions. They may have different methods for you to approach the market depending on your circumstances.

Most agents are surprised to learn this is part of the process. We often hear words like “Wow, I’ve never heard of this before.” Because they recognize a Dear Monty referral as a high-quality referral, agents are willing to take the necessary steps to help you assess their approach, including facilitating the Referral Credit™ to save you money.

If you want a friend or acquaintance in the mix, we will include them in the same process as the other candidates. You benefit by putting all of them on equal footing. On the few occasions this has occurred, Dear Monty’s customer most often chooses one of our selections. Just share their name in the “other information” box, and if you know them, inform them Dear Monty will be contacting them. You should be aware that some agents may decline the referral if they have an existing relationship with you, which may void the Referral Credit™, should they be your ultimate choice. Some agents will acquiesce the referral fee to help you save money.

You are free to do so. People who utilize Pick My Agent™ recognize the value of our experience in identifying, screening, interviewing and selecting agents and the time our efforts save them. You will have invested $99.00 to make sure your hunch was right by comparing your choice to other smart choices.

You can “Ask Monty” or call us at 920.445.8911

We have helped thousands of people find the best agent to meet their needs using the methods described above. While it’s hard to know for certain how well an agent will perform until you hire them, Dear Monty’s unique methods increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.