Pick My Agent™

Why use Dear Monty’s Pick My Agent™?

Home sellers: Consider that multiple appraisers, who have extensive training to evaluate homes, will vary in their opinions on the value of a home. Why would real estate agents, who have far less education and training in appraisal methodology be any different? You will witness that three good agents, just like appraisers, vary in their opinions. Those differences can vary up to 25%, or more, depending on neighborhood market conditions and the skill of the preparer. Pick My Agent™ powers an informed agent selection process with three opinions of value and a credit against your real estate fee at closing. 

Homebuyers: Real estate experts all agree that a good real estate agent will make a difference in your home buying experience. While you too, need an agent knowledgeable about evaluating homes, other information on financing options, neighborhood dynamics, market data, contingency preparation, and access to the multiple listing service are important information resources as well. Pick My Agent™ saves you time, delivers good agent choices and generates a purchase credit on the price of your next home.

What does Pick My Agent™ cost?

For $99.00 you save a big chunk of time and leverage Monty’s expertise. Dear Monty identifies, screens, and qualifies three good agents who know the neighborhood where you need them. You also benefit with a referral credit against the commission you paid as a seller or a reduction in the price of the home you purchased as a buyer. The referral credit is many times the $99 cost. 

How much is the referral credit*?

$   562.00 for a home valued at $150,000

$   862.00 for a home valued at $230,000

$1,125.00 for a home valued at $300,000

$1,875.00 for a home valued at $500,000

$3,000.00 for a home valued at $800,000


*calculated on a six percent real estate commission. The credit will vary if the commission is higher or lower.

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