Q & A about Find Your Agent

Our small DearMonty team brings over 50 years of combined real estate experience. This experience assists finding the right local agent that fits your  specific situation. We start by requesting background information from you — on your wants, needs, and preferences– and then we interview potential agent candidates both verbally and with our written agent questionnaire.

Once we have at least three agents that meet our criteria for honesty, professionalism, and know-how, we show them all to you and let you choose an agent that best fits your needs. We are available throughout the home sale experience (and after) making sure you have an experienced partner with your best interest in mind.

Yes! No tricks. Before we introduce you to potential agents, we ask them to sign a standard referral agreement that shares a small part of their commission only when a transaction closes. This agreement is very common in the industry and provides us the ability to invest the time and capital providing you this valuable complementary service.

Instead of using predetermined list of agents, DearMonty personally searches for
agents that understand your goals, support our methods, and want to work with you. Our agent questionnaire is designed to identify agents that practice real estate according to DearMonty’s principles of transparency, respect, diligence, and active communication.

The length of time is between three and seven working days. It is a labor intensive
process and our screening activities often eliminate potential candidates along the way. Sometimes, agents eliminate themselves. Market activity, contract negotiations, caseload and pre-planned personal commitments can impact the length of time it takes to identify agents.

No problem. It happens quite often where our client cannot decide based on the written questionnaire. Once you notify us your desire to personally interview the finalist, your name and contact information is provided to the agent. We can even help coordinate your appointments or introduce you in a conference call.

Most agents are surprised to learn that is part of the process. We often hear words like “Wow, I’ve never heard of this before” on learning of this requirement. In most real estate referrals, the only qualifying question an agent is asked is “Will you pay a referral fee?” Because they appreciate Dear Monty sharing the assignment details, agents generally are very cooperative. If they are uncomfortable answering client questions before the assignment, we wonder how cooperative they might be if they were chosen?

We have had clients that have done this in the past. If you want a friend or acquaintance in the mix, we recommend you allow us to include them in the same process as the other candidates. This allows you to benefit by gathering the same information from your “wildcard agent” as you have from the others.

We will send you a non-branded agent questionnaire that you can administer yourself. While you are losing one of Dear Monty’s main benefits, their deep experience in screening, interviewing and selecting agents by doing it yourself, we respect your right to do so and we honor that right.If you ultimately choose your “wildcard agent” we will trust that you did it because you believed they were a better match. If you have already decided you want to use that agent, we would appreciate you just telling us now, so we can spend our time helping other clients.

We have hundreds of articles in newspapers published across the United States, all of which you can find online (www.DearMonty.com). We have helped thousands of people find the best agent meeting their needs. Check out our About section on our website for more information.

October 21, 2015