1. Should I retire if my mortgage is underwater?

    Reader Question: I purchased my home 8 years ago expecting some appreciation in the value before I retire within the next year. However, now my home is worth 35-50 thousand less than I owe. What choices do I have, since at retirement I am not sure if I will any longer be able to afford […]

  2. Can I ignore a counteroffer?

    Reader Question: If a buyer has a contract on a house, home inspection was done and the buyers attorney filed a letter to the seller’s attorney that all work has to be done by the seller and have not received a response can the listing agent put this property listed on the market with a lower amount […]

  3. Should I remodel the master bath?

    Reader Question: We are about to remodel the upstairs bathroom, which is quite small (9 feet x 6 feet). We currently have a 30-inch shower stall, 30-inch by 19-inch vanity, toilet and a small linen closet. There is also an entry door in the hallway for all bedrooms to access the bathroom and a private entry door […]

  4. Who is responsible for a sewage leak in the basement?

    Reader Question: Monty, I am seeking a resource that might be able to help a client with a unique problem. They entered into a contract for the construction of a home near the local university. The initial contract was with a building contractor, who sold out to another building contractor that finished the home. They moved into the […]