1. How much is 40 acres worth?

    Reader Question: I have 39.75 acres off I-40. What is it worth? Mike Monty’s Answer:  Hello Mike. I cannot answer the question without walking the land. I-40 is a 2,559 miles long highway. It goes through 8 states; from large metro areas to very isolated rural places. The property values along the highway vary like […]

  2. Is my offer to buy binding?

    Reader Question: If I make an offer, is it binding on the seller until I have a chance to make a higher offer? Can someone else make a higher offer before mine is accepted or rejected? Joe D. Monty’s Answer: Joe, no offer is binding on the seller. No offer is binding upon the buyer until such time as the seller […]

  3. What if I don't reaffirm a loan after bankruptcy?

    Reader Question: My daughter and son-in-law (the kids) went through bankruptcy a couple of years ago, but did not include their home in bankruptcy. The judge approved their decision to do so. Now they are trying to refinance their home to get a better interest rate, but they were informed they did not do the paperwork […]