1. Why do I have to sign disclosures if I'm selling "as is"?

    Reader Question: If a counter offer agreeing to the low purchase price, but also designating the property purchase is ‘AS IS’ has been signed and accepted by the buyer, why does the seller have to sign as declining to fix 3 small items on the inspection report? BJ T. Monty’s Answer: Hello BJ, and thanks for the […]

    August 27, 2013
  2. Should I leave the refrigerator?

    Reader Question: I am selling my deceased parents home. Should I dispose of items such as the refrigerator, chest freezer and professionally installed gas heating stove before showing the home? Is it better if they would be included in the sale? Mike T. Monty’s Answer: Hello Mike, and thanks for your question. The information provided is not […]

    August 20, 2013
  3. Where on the East Coast should I invest in real estate?

    Reader Question: Hello Monty. I would like to know the investment advantages and disadvantages noted between the homes located in recreational areas of the ocean beaches of Maryland vs. Virginia. As an example; homes located in Ocean City, Maryland vs. Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am looking for long-term advantages, resale, rental streams, noted replacement or new […]

    August 1, 2013