1. We have a complicated family real estate transaction. We do not know where to start. Should we go to a lender, real estate agent, attorney or title company?

    Reader Question: We want to plan when selling a home. My ex-husband and brother-in-law have a joint tenancy of five acres with a small home on it. My ex-husband owes me for child support for my younger son, so the state has a lien on it. My ex-husband wants his give his half to our two […]

    May 25, 2015
  2. We outsource our relocation benefit package to a relocation company. They say there is nothing that can be done to reduce the relocation costs. What do you say?

     Reader Question:  I work in finance with a mid-size publicly traded company. We outsource our relocation policy to a third-party relocation company. Our relocation company says that short of reducing benefits, there is not much we can do to reduce relocation costs. What is your answer to the question, “Is there anything we can do?”   Bill […]

    May 11, 2015