1. I am going to sell my home. One agent has a low fee, the other has established chemistry. Which real estate agent should I choose?

      Reader Question: I am going to sell my home. One Realtor has an awesome marketing plan and a lower commission, but there was no chemistry. Another Realtor whose commission is higher, and marketing is not as vast, but good; established some chemistry. Which real estate agent do I choose? Ashley B. Monty’s Answer: Based […]

  2. How does one evaluate income property?

      Reader Question: We want to make our first real estate investment purchase. We have decided on investing in older 2-4 family apartments. It appears there are different ways to decide what a property is worth. How do you evaluate an old three family? Julie and Rob P. Monty’s Answer: There are many theories regarding […]

  3. Should home sellers consider an auction sale?

    Reader Question:  As home sellers consider an auction sale and a traditional listing and cannot decide, your take on the differences would be valuable for us to know. Is an auction sale a good idea? Monty’s Answer: A real estate auction is an event conducted by an auctioneer on a certain date, place and time where […]