1. What can I do to feel safe in my home?

    Dear Monty: I recently listed my home for sale. There have been several showings. Yesterday I had a showing that made me worry about safety. A couple came through with their agent. I thought it was unusual the way they looked at the house. While the agent asked me questions, they took it upon themselves […]

  2. Monty, do you think technology will replace real estate agents?

    A debate rages today in real estate’s inner circles. Agents are wondering if they can withstand the competitive pressures to take market share away from them. Will they be able to make a living with all the for-sale-by-owners and cut-rate companies. Will the industry survive? This writer opins that the answer is no, and the transition began years ago.

  3. Does for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) work?

      Dear Monty: Does for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) work? I recently read an article that lambasted homeowners for even thinking about selling on their own. We recently sold our home without an agent. The article did not depict how the marketplace works today, based on my recent experience. I saw it as a hit-piece written by a […]

  4. We are a four-person group looking at buying an Airbnb. What is your opinion about Airbnb projects as an investment?     

    Reader Question: We are a four-person group wanting your opinion on topics to consider when buying an Airbnb investment. We have invested in other commercial property types, but this would be our first bed and breakfast. The six units generate an eight-percent cap rate. 2019 was the first year in service. There are numerous significant […]

  5. You have written numerous articles over time about different problems with home inspections. What is your current opinion of home inspections? 

      Reader Question: You have written numerous articles over time about the problems with home inspections. We are near our savings goal and preparing to buy a home. What is your current opinion of home inspections?  Monty’s Answer: Home inspection laws came into existence because home sellers were unaware of the defects, hid, or made […]

  6. Is America in a housing bubble?

      Reader Question: Is America in a housing bubble? We are attempting to downsize our lifestyle with a smaller home. In both instances we made an offer, someone outbid us. Our home is free and clear, so we are cash buyers. We don’t want to sell until we know we’ve got a place to go. […]