1. My property has been rezoned. Many developers are soliciting me. They do not have my best interests in mind. Who should I ask for advice?

      Reader Question: My property on the east coast has been re-zoned to high density. I have received many solicitations from real estate developers. I suspect that they do not have my best interests in mind. What agents-real estate attorneys, must I consult? Monty’s Answer: My interpretation of your question is that you want help […]

  2. Sample agent deliverables

    Sample agent deliverables. Useful real estate agents are honest, knowledgeable, and efficient. Every enterprise in every field of endeavor seeks these qualities in individuals with whom they choose to associate. There are many reasons the real estate industry has set the bar low, which is why the real estate service consumer has to be alert […]

  3. Our inspectors are being asked why our inspections are vague. It seems to be coming up frequently. How do we answer that question?

    Reader Question: We have a vague home inspection issue. I own a home inspection company of 21 years and my inspectors are ASHI Certified. During an office presentation, this issue was brought up: “Why are more inspectors’ comments more vague in how to diagnose the issues found. Instead, clients have to consult with additional professionals to […]

  4. The home inspector missed a foundation defect in the building that contains our unit. Do we have recourse with the inspector, the real estate agent, and the seller?

      An alert for condominium buyers Reader Question: We bought a condo unit in a mid-rise development on the west coast. We had the unit inspected, and the inspector turned up several repair issues. They fixed the repairs correctly. We closed on the unit and moved in. Within a couple of months, we learned that […]

  5. I am a home inspector. I am getting pressure from an agent I work with to "ease up." How do I keep him without bending my standards?

    Reader Question: I am a home inspector. ​I work with an agent who is always pressuring me to “take it easy” with the home inspection, I refuse to lower my standards, but I’m concerned about him finding a replacement. How would you suggest I approach ​t​his? ​Monty’s Answer: The situation you describe may be a […]