There are two sides of every real estate transaction, buying and selling. Learn both.

What exactly is “Real Estate”? In legal terms, real estate is an “immovable object”. Real estate is defined by a legal description that identifies its space and place in the geography. The Registered Land Surveyor is a person with specialized knowledge on measuring and documenting land parcels according to the law. As the United States has grown, most every parcel of the land was surveyed and spatially identified before becoming legally approved for ownership under the law. The land records are open and available for all to see.

Everyone who has bought or sold a home can remember that one moment when it seemed like there was too much to consider, worry about, remember, and respond to. It’s true that the purchasing of a home is a significant investment and you probably should give it time and attention. Equally as important for those looking to sell your home, you want to everything within your educated power to get the most fair value out of what is probably your largest asset. To help make the process more reasonable, DearMonty organizes both the home buying and home selling experience into twelve distinct steps, or stages.



The best thing that you can do is to equip yourself with knowledge and information. A home sale transaction is a big deal! This website is intended to be a straightforward resource to help shine some light on one of the most important times in many people’s lives. But we are just one voice of many and we at DearMonty.com strongly support learning as much as you. Good luck and let us know if you have a question you couldn’t find answered LINK or if we can help you find a local agent LINK


Q & A Posts

  1. Does for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) work?

      Dear Monty: Does for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) work? I recently read an article that lambasted homeowners for even thinking about selling on their own. We recently sold our home without an agent. The article did not depict how the marketplace works today, based on my recent experience. I saw it as a hit-piece written by a […]

    July 17, 2021
  2. Is the offer to purchase binding?

    The most powerful document Without question the offer to purchase is the most powerful document you will be asked to sign in a real estate transaction. In many respects, the physical closing at the title company is simply a confirmation of what happened days, weeks or months earlier. This point in time can be stressful […]

    June 15, 2021
  3. Our friends just had their loan canceled by the lender. They are crushed. How can a lender cancel a loan they already approved?

    Reader Question: Our friends are homebuyers devastated. Their lender pulled the plug just before closing. We are in the process of closing on our first home purchase. We are excited but at the same time very edgy. Our friends were a week ahead of us on their home purchase. They didn’t offer details, but how […]

    May 24, 2021
  4. We are a four-person group looking at buying an Airbnb. What is your opinion about Airbnb projects as an investment?     

    Reader Question: We are a four-person group wanting your opinion on topics to consider when buying an Airbnb investment. We have invested in other commercial property types, but this would be our first bed and breakfast. The six units generate an eight-percent cap rate. 2019 was the first year in service. There are numerous significant […]

    May 13, 2021
  5. You have written numerous articles over time about different problems with home inspections. What is your current opinion of home inspections? 

      Reader Question: You have written numerous articles over time about the problems with home inspections. We are near our savings goal and preparing to buy a home. What is your current opinion of home inspections?  Monty’s Answer: Home inspection laws came into existence because home sellers were unaware of the defects, hid, or made […]

    May 3, 2021
  6. Is America in a housing bubble?

      Reader Question: Is America in a housing bubble? We are attempting to downsize our lifestyle with a smaller home. In both instances we made an offer, someone outbid us. Our home is free and clear, so we are cash buyers. We don’t want to sell until we know we’ve got a place to go. […]

    April 5, 2021
  7. We have had little activity for over two months, and now we are expecting multiple offers on our for sale by owner home. Please help!

    Reader Question: We are selling our home on our own. We have had little activity for over two months, and now we are expecting multiple offers on our for sale by owner home. Please help! Monty’s Answer: When you are selling your home without a real estate agent, the possibility of two or more parties […]

    March 22, 2021