1. My neighbors painted their window trim green and the other 87 units are white. Does the change of color violate the rules?

    Reader Question: I am a resident homeowner in an HOA with 88 homes. Some months ago a homeowner installed new windows with a green-tone trim. The other 87 homes have white window trim as originally constructed. Our HOA Declarations require any changes to be consistent with the “harmony of external design in relation to surrounding […]

  2. Is my neighbor committing mortgage fraud?

    Reader Question: I am pretty sure my neighbor has committed mortgage fraud. She is a Realtor with a company in my state. She recently changed the title of her house from her and her mom’s name to only her mom. Then about two months after, did a short sale on the house, which she sold in five […]

  3. Should I swap part of my lot with my neighbor?

    Reader Question: Monty, I have a neighbor wanting to buy a small piece of frontage on my lake property because a small slew on the waters edge on my easterly lot line places part of my lot on his side of the slew. I am trying to decide whether or not I should agree to this proposition. If I […]