1. Should home sellers consider an auction sale?

    Reader Question:  As home sellers consider an auction sale and a traditional listing and cannot decide, your take on the differences would be valuable for us to know. Is an auction sale a good idea? Monty’s Answer: A real estate auction is an event conducted by an auctioneer on a certain date, place and time where […]

  2. When do home sellers disclose a murder?

    Reader Question: At what point in the process of selling a house does a Realtor or sellers disclose a murder or suicide in the home? Virginia L. Monty’s Answer: Each state has a law that regulates this question. Most states do not require the disclosure of a death, regardless of the cause. The background The […]

  3. I will be asked to accept a real estate relocation soon. Can you share more detail about the relocation process?

      Reader Question: Your recent answer to the relocating employee caught my eye. I will be asked to accept real estate relocation soon. My employer has no relocation benefit described in the company policy. Our HR director admits to limited relocation knowledge. Can you share more detail about the relocation process? Jonathan K. Monty’s Answer: […]

  4. How do we find a good real estate attorney?

    Reader Question: How do we find a good real estate attorney? Rob and Mary P. Monty’s Answer: Here are 8 tips to find a good real estate attorney or other service provider through due diligence. Skill levels, personalities, specialty focus, workload, energy, expectations and more, impact personal service delivery models. Then, add in the human condition’s […]

  5. How do I find the best use of a property?

    Reader Question: How does one go about finding or creating a buyer for a potential group home?  The highest and best use for this building is a group home. The city permitting appears to be doable. I want a Realtor who can/will market the house to buyers who are interested in this specific use. There […]

  6. Is there a Top 10 checklist for Home Sellers?

    Reader question: Monty, I cannot find that you have done “10 Tips” for home sellers. Do you have a “Top 10” list for someone thinking of selling? Rich M. – Rockford, IL Monty’s answer: Rich, I have created a “Top 10” list for home sellers to answer your question. If I were selling my home, […]